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Cable Management Solution 
MINI Hand Extrusion Welder 
3-Axis Solid/Surface Milling Program 
Vacuum Pump for Thermoforming 
CNC Router And 5-Axis Saw Machining Centers 
Nylon and Acetal Binder 
Bearing and Wear Material 
Large Diameter CPVC Pipe Line 
Replacement Parts 
Enhanced Performance Low Stress Ultem® Slab 
Custom Extrusions 
Optical Grade Polyurethane Sheet 
Marine Board Line 
Teflon® and Kapton® Tapes, Fabrics and Belting 
PE Channels 
New Distributor for Dupont Vespel® Parts and Shapes 
Sheet Manufacturer Brings Production to U.S. 
New Venture Formed 
Quadrant Holding Acquires DSM Engineering Plastic Products 
Ensinger Industries, Inc. acquires Penn Fibre Plastics, Inc. and A. L. Hyde Company 
GE Plastics Acquires Matra Plast Assets 
Custom Tubing and Profiles 
Industrial Laminates 
UHMW Plastic 
The New 
The Basics: How To Choose The Right (Carbide Tipped) Saw Blade For Cutting Plastics 
How NC Programming can Save You Time and Money 
Breathable Aluminum for Thermoforming and Vacuum Clamping 
New Module for Sheet Driven Manufacturers, Distributors 
Internal Bead Trimmer for Thermoplastic Pipe 
Thermoforming: A Practical Guide 
Vacuum System Components 
People, Places and Things 
Digital Measuring Systems 
SAFETY SOLUTIONS: When You’ve Been Handed the Responsibility for Safety 
PLASTIC WELDING: Failures of Plastic Welding Joints 
IPFA Corner 
Barlo Plastics Acquired Slovakian PMMA Extruder 
Condensed Tooling Catalog 
On-Line Router Tooling Selection Guide 
Continuous Diamond Sharpeners 
Electronic Hydrogen Torch 
Extended Length Super Carbide End Mills 

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