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Static Eliminator For Your Blow Off Gun 
Couplings From Stock 
Two New Gantry Routers 
MultiCam LP Expands 
AXYZ Purchases Donaldson 
Power Draw Bar Spindle 
High Speed CNC Panel Saw 
Dr. Seuss National Touring Exhibition Framed in AcryliteŽ Acrylic Sheet 
Why Cast Nylon? 
PTFE Line Brochure 
Ticona To Boost Acetal Production 
Acetal Plate 
Coated Polycarbonate 
SlipGrip Substrate 
Extruded Semi-Finished Shapes 
Larger Capacity Extruder On-Line 
Hex Rod 
Tough(er) Tooling Board 
New Line/New Materials 
Extruded Roll, Sheet and Coil 
Larger Cast Nylon Sheet 
FM 4910 Approved Materials 
FDA-Compliant Lubricated Nylon 
SAFETY SOLUTIONS:In-Plant Air Monitoring & Analysis 
Adhesive Can Be Sanded To A Nonporous Finish 
It Seems Like Only Yesterday... 
New Line Card & Fabrication Manual 
Thermoforming Nylon And Acetal:
It's Easier Than You Think
20th Anniversary 
Productivity, Efficiency, Tax Savings And Improving Business The Focus Of IWF Technical Sessions 
Modern Plastics Charity Golf Tournament 
People, Places and Things 
THERMOFORMING: Heavy Gauge Twin Sheet Forming 
ROUTING: Plastic Routing FAQs 
Manufacturer-Direct Insert Tooling 
Tools and Accessories for Working With Plastics 
Spoilboard/Finishing Cutters 
Welding Training 
Miniature Hot Air Tool 

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