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Lock & Hardware Catalog 
Dual-Lead Insert For Plastics 
General Fabricating
Fabricating Tools and Equipment 
Air Handling Catalog 
Fastest Router Under $50K 
Super Fast, Super Accurate VMC 
Digital Control Increases Functionality and Speed 
Vacuum Tables 
Duct Hangers 
5 - Axis Router Line 
Panel Saw 
Line Bender and Flame Polisher 
Vertical Panel Saw 
ROUTING: Plastic Routing FAQs 
Acrylic Spectator Shielding Is Making A Comeback With Indoor Arenas 
Polyurethane Hose 
New Black Grade of Ketron® Peek Stock Shapes 
Expanded PRO - TEK® Sheet Offering 
Two TIVAR® Materials 3A-Dairy Certified  
Solar Control Multiwall Sheets 
Flexible Tubing 
Spectar® Sheet Provides Affordable High End Furniture Design 
New Colors 
Thermoformable PPS Sheet 
FLEX Tubing Catalog 
Molded Polyurethanes 
Enhanced Production, Quality, Capabilities 
18" Cast Nylon Tubes 
Metallic Rod 
Enhanced UV Resistant Polycarbonate 
Custom Profile Extrusions 
Lucite To Cut Manufactuting Costs  
Optimization Service 
SAFETY SOLUTIONS: Safety on the Job and Complying with the Americans With Disabilities Act 
ISO 9001-2000 Certification 
People, Places and Things 
SYSPRO Named "Software Company Of The Year" 
Spring is in the Air 
THERMOFORMING: Cut Sheet Pressure Forming
A Look Into Thermoformings' High Pressure Forming
Tooling Catalog 
Single Flute Router Bits For Plastic 
“Super O” Polished O-Flute Line 
Butt Fusion 
Large Part Spin Welder 

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