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Category: Accessories
Volume: 22
Issue: 5
Article No.: 3348

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Panel Cart
Saw Trax Mfg. Inc. introduced a new panel-carrying cart that makes it easy for one person to move large sheets. Now, one person, instead of two, can move one to three sheets of material over what are insurmountable obstacles to other carts.

The patented cart is called the "Panel Express". First it uses a self-adjusting bracing mechanism. This mechanism centers the load on the cart and holds the sheet(s) in place vertically. The drop axle design lowers the center of gravity of the cart making it amazingly stable and maneuverable.

The second feature is the 10" pneumatic tires. These tires are offset toward the center of the cart to hold most of the load. The benefit of the tires is that it allows the user incredible flexibility of travel. Air hoses, electrical conduit, and scrap are insurmountable obstacles to other carts. The Panel Express, with the 10" pneumatic tires, will glide over these obstacles.

To load a sheet, you simply pick up one end and pivot the bottom end between the braces of the cart. When you lower the sheet, the braces will automatically shift and hold the sheet in place. A spring is used to keep the braces separated. The weight of the sheet overcomes this spring force and allows the braces to close. Once loaded the user would push the sheet, not the cart, with the pneumatic tires forward.

For more information, contact Saw Trax Mfg. Co., Inc., 3790 Highway 92, Ste. 220, Acworth, GA 30102, 888-729-8729, 770-974-0021, Fax: 770-975-1618, E-mail:, Web:

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