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New Distributor for Dupont Vespel® Parts and Shapes

Curbell Plastics is pleased to announced that it is an authorized distributor for the shapes offering of Dupont Vespel® Parts and Shapes in the Central and Southwestern parts of the United States. As a result of this appointment, Curbell will be adding 3 new Outside Sales positions in the states of Texas, Kansas and Minnesota to concentrate on the Dupont Vespel® Parts and Shapes product line. Robert D. Manning II has accepted the newly created position of Sales Manager for Vespel® Products.

Mark Casey, General Manager of Curbell's Plastics Division states, "It's an honor to be one of only three plastic distributors awarded the Dupont Vespel® Parts and Shapes product line. This high performance material rounds out our complete line of engineering plastic materials and strengthens our market position in the Central and Southwestern parts of the U.S."

Used widely in the automotive, aerospace and semiconductor industries, Vespel® Parts and Shapes now consists of five families of materials that provide a unique combination of the physical properties of plastics, metals and ceramics, while offering maximum design flexibility. Starting as the Vespel® S line, the family has expanded significantly to include the introduction of Vespel®TP, a new thermoplastic material developed by DuPont, and, as a result of the integration of Tribon into the Vespel® family, the addition of three other material families: Vespel CP® (composites), Vespel® CR (chemical resistant) and Vespel® ASB (assemblies).

For more information, contact Gretchen Lo Bue, Curbell Plastics, 7 Cobham Drive, Orchard Park, NY 14127, 716-667-3377 ext. 306, 716-667-3377, E-mail:, Fax: 716-667-3432, Web:

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