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Category: Miscellaneous
Volume: 22
Issue: 3
Article No.: 3269

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Job Tracking Software

Tractivity™ by Specialized Solutions, Inc., is the first activity-based job management system utilizing portable electronic timecard technology. This product frees employees from paper time sheets and fixed-point data entry while automatically collecting job and activity details. Analytical reports alert management to opportunities for lowering costs and increasing productivity.

Tractivity is easy to use and requires very little computer knowledge or prior experience with computer technology to get results from the system. Every activity performed on every job is tracked, while automatically collecting reconciled payroll information. Portable and lightweight Personal Data collectors (PDC's) assure accuracy by reducing the need for data-entry. Employees conveniently take their PDC's with them on any assignment and simply pick job and activity codes from the downloaded help list. It marks a major advancement over pen and paper, fixed-point data entry and bar coding systems, which require an employee to make back-and-forth trips to centralized data collection units. The system was specifically engineered for use in harsh shop and field environments and is extremely durable.

A major benefit is in the ability to analyze the cost and labor distribution of existing processes prior to making new investments in equipment or labor. Tractivity also provides the means to accurately evaluate the results of process changes made. With the system, managers can discover exactly what aspects of their operations are profitable and what is costing too much. It’s highly flexible TIMEPORTTM software allows users to track most anything and create hundreds of reports based on current and historical data. In addition, the system is economical, costing less than manual time sheets and data entry.

For more information, contact Bryan Keller, Specialized Solutions, Inc., 1101 SE Tech Center Drive, #185, Vancouver, WA 98683, 888-540-7171, Fax: 360-253-6441, E-mail:, Web:

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