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Sound Dampening Bumpers 
Plastic Welding Equipment 
Polyurethane Adhesive 
5-Axis Machines Feature New Rotary Axes 
Precision Machine Vise 
Precision Cross Cut Saws 
Pattern Maker Software 
Gauge Bars Reduce Measuring Errors 
Training and Demo Facility 
Fixed Bridge Routers 
Ergonomic Vacuum Lifters 
Bench Top Ultrasonic Welder 
Static Dissipative Laminates 
CNC Router Turnkey Production Centers 
Laser Systems Brochure 
Converting Equipment Video Library 
When to Use Cast Nylon Stock for Machining 
Machining of Engineering Plastics 
CNC Programming Software 
Low Flame and Smoke Containment Piping 
Acetal - Compression Molded Sheet vs. Extruded Sheet 
Cast Nylon Rods and Tubes 
Custom Colors For Cast Nylon Sheets And Rods 
Antimicrobial Compound 
Solid Lubricant Cast Nylon 
Eastman-Spartech Alliance 
Tubing & Hose 
Polycarbonate Glazing Systems Profiles and Accessories 
Full-line Plastics Catalog 
Thermoplastic Mirror and Hardcoating 
Amorphous PET Sheet 
P.O.P. Company Discovers the Secret to Versatile Designs and Cost Effective Manufacturing 
NC Proofboard and Machineable Plastic 
Impact-Resistant Acrylic Sheet 
Large Diameter Tubing 
Letter from the Editor 
IPFA Corner 
People, Places, and Things 
SAFETY SOLUTIONS: It's Up To You To Protect Your Skin 
Thermoforming: A Practical Guide 
PLASTIC WELDING: Splicing of Thermoplastic Materials 
Job Tracking Software 
Productivity Software 
NYTEF Group Re-Structures 
Toronto Repair Center for Welders 
Over 2,600 Exhibitors Registered for K 2001 
New GE Business Unit Named 
Eastman specialty plastic unit to be named Eastman Co. 
CYRO Announces Streamlining Of Manufacturing Operations 
Poly Hi Solidur Announces Business Consolidation 
Specialty Tools for Plastics 
Condensed Tooling Catalog 
Single Flute Carbide Cutter 
Diamond Grinding Wheels 

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