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Category: Material
Volume: 22
Issue: 3
Article No.: 3257

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Thermoplastic Mirror and Hardcoating
Bunker Plastics, Inc. offers extruded thermoplastic mirror with a delamination guarantee, low incidence of substrate inclusions (pits, voids, particulate matter) in a broad range of thicknesses for a wide range of applications. They begin the process by working closely with CYRO Industries and other suppliers to specify and tailor the acrylic, polycarbonate, and PETG substrate received to insure that it is suitable for their process.

Their metallizing utilizes only .99999 purity or better alumina resulting in a uniformly brighter reflective sheet. After the manufacturing process, the sheet is cured to insure that the paint is set and is then processed through final inspection and packaging. A five-point quality assurance check is made and any sheet failing any one of the points is set aside. The finish is so durable, that many of their customers save the expense of additional masking by processing the sheet with no masking on the paint side and all of their extruded sheets come with a delamination guarantee.

Standard sheet size is 49"X97" and Bunker now offers 4, 5 and 6' X 8' and the availability of 4 and 5’ X 10' sheet. Prior to shipping, the sheet is "branded" with their logo to insure the customer that the material is from Bunker. As a final protective measure, the sheet is packaged on oversize pallets to insure that it is not "dinged" on the corners or edges during shipping.

Recognizing that the weakness of plastic mirror products was the relative softness of the surface, Bunker formed a sister division, Rmar Coat, to develop a coating facility capable of producing the highest quality coated plastic sheet possible. They offer sheet goods with Abrasion/Chemical Resistance, Anti-Fog and Reduced Glare Coatings, and Custom Designed and UV Protective Coatings.

For more information, contact Scott Martin, Bunker Plastics, Inc., 1450 Halsey Way, Suite 110, Carrolton, TX 75007, 800-846-2431, 972-245-5657, Fax: 972-245-9656, E-mail:, Web:

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