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Category: Material
Volume: 21
Issue: 6
Article No.: 3068

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Rotaloc Int'l, LLC offers a line of mechanical bonding fasteners that provide high load-distributing anchorages for thin or thick wall plastics and composites requiring secure mechanical joining. The fasteners provide a semi-permanent or permanent fastening system for applications in lamination, fabrication, thermoforming, GRP/FRP and more.

Originally available in mild steel, they are now also offered in stainless steel. The fasteners have either male studs or female nuts or collars and come in a full range of inch and metric sizes. Application, in the shop or in the field, can be achieved by using screws, rivets, adhesive or press fit.

Stephen Harris, President of Rotaloc, is often asked, "What are they used for?" He often responds by asking, "What is a bolt used for?" He stresses that the fasteners are ideal for a wide variety of applications from signage and POP to providing secure mounting and lifting fastening points for covers, housings, shrouds and tanks. "The applications are limitless." They have been used to secure panels, covers and framework to industrial, farm and medical equipment, and acoustic panels where the large flange provides the surface area for needed support and the selection of a longer male bolt studs provide necessary clearance.

"We know that just one failed insert or fastener can cause a tremendous amount of damage. That is why we insist on quality in design, construction and craftsmanship," states Harris. "That is also why we state in our literature, 'When insert failure is not an option, choose Rotaloc'. Harris said they appreciate customer feedback. One of their tank-manufacturing customers recently reported that they have not had a single failure after using over 5000 of their fasteners.

For more information, and free samples, contact Stephen Harris, Rotaloc Int'l, LLC, 6607 Condor Run, Littleton, CO 80125, Tel: 888-ROTALOC (768-2562), 303-948-5434, Fax: 303-927-0018, E-mail:, Web:

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