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Brown Machine Celebrates 60th Anniversary

Brown Machine has come a long way since its founding in 1952. That was the year Brown’s founder, Gaylord Brown, changed the direction of his father's oil-drilling repair company to become a pioneer manufacturer of rotary and continuous thermoforming machines.

Brown was approached by a local company working with Dow Chemical Company to build a thermoforming machine. Dow was convinced their polystyrene material could be used to form inner refrigerator door panels. However, volume was the issue and in order to make this application successful, the plastic inner door liners needed to be formed at a rate that could meet refrigerator production requirement. The result was the first multiple station rotary thermoformer.

Brown quickly followed this invention with the first continuous thermoformer and has a rich history in the development of the most advanced thermoforming technology. Brown has secured several thermoforming process and machinery patents and is proud to continue with its creative tradition.

In addition to providing a complete line of continuous and cut-sheet thermoforming equipment and related tooling/ peripheral equipment, Brown provides process engineering, material testing, and tooling services to support the production of thermoformed products to the food and product packaging, horticultural, automotive, appliance, medical, and custom packaging markets. In short, Brown Machine is more than machines.

For more information, contact Jim Robbins, Brown Machine, 989-435-7741 ext. 1216, Web:

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