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Expanded Capabilities/New Sizes

Over the last two years Nylatech, Inc., manufacturers of cast nylon 6 and 6/12 rod, sheet, tube, bar and finished and semi-finished custom cast components, has made dramatic improvements to their processes and added capabilities.

Recent advancements to their tubular bar casting process enabled them to increase flexibility and offer more stock shapes. A few of the new sizes offered include tubes as small as 1.25” OD, inner diameters as small as 5/8” (up to 2.25” OD) and 26” or 13” length tubes from 8.5” OD to 40” OD with IDs as small as 7” (depending on wall thickness).

With the addition of these new sizes, many more opportunities are created. For example, Customers now have a source for small diameter nylon tubes with a minimum order of only 50”. This can be helpful when you want to try nylon but don’t want to order hundreds of feet of extruded nylon tube. Also, with the capability of smaller IDs, Nylatech can pro-vide the customer with a tube rather than a rod. This will reduce machining time, material costs and possibly improve yield with their 50” lengths. They still produce tube lengths of 50” up to 10” OD, but now also offer 8.5” OD tubes in 13” or 26” lengths (with an ID minimum of 7”) which offers increased flexibility and more options.

Nylatech has also added a new batch oven for rod and plate casting. Commissioning this new equipment, they can maintain their short lead times on larger orders. With the ability to produce more in a day, they maintain better inventory and increase serviceability for their customers.

For more information, contact Calvin Petersen, Nylatech, Inc., P.O. Box 455, Everson, WA 98247, 800-506-9566, Fax: 360-966-2838, E-mail: nylatech@, Web:

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