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See-Through Plastics Plus
Eight-Foot-Tall, Two-Ton Diamond Sculpture

Evonik Cyro’s ACRYLITE® Satinice acrylic sheet, formerly called ACRYLITE Crystal Ice, was used to create one of the world’s largest diamond sculptures measuring 8-feet-tall. The unique sculpture was designed as a sign to promote Denney Jewelers in Springfield, Illinois.

Ace Sign Co., Central Illinois’ largest sign manufacturer, developed and produced the two-ton diamond sculpture. “We didn’t want a traditional sign. We strived to make something more exciting and Evonik Cyro’s ACRYLITE Satinice proved to be an excellent solution for achieving such a unique design,” said Scott Bringuet, manager of Sales and Design at Ace Sign Co. “The acrylic sheet’s frosted and abrasion resistant texture mimicked the exterior and durability of a diamond. It also had excellent light diffusing properties and high light transmission, which gave the diamond the ability to ‘glow’ with the 2,000 LED lights behind it.”

“Evonik Cyro is known for its innovative acrylic products and it is always a thrill to see our customers create unique and inspiring designs with our material,” says Antoinette Spages, Product Manager, Acrylic Sheet Specialties. “Satinice is such a versitile product with excellent design possibilities for signage, Point of Purchase (POP) store fixtures and decorative glazing; however this type of outdoor illuminated structure is definitely a first,” adds Spages.

The ACRYLITE acrylic sheet was obtained through ACI Plastics, a St. Louis, Missouri, distributor and fabricator of plastic sheets, rods and tubes.

For more information, contact Gail Wood, Evonik Degussa Corporation, 379 Interpace Parkway, Parsippany, NJ 07054, 800-631-5384/973-541-8754, Fax: 973-541-8445, E-mail:, Web:

Walk Through a Waterfall in the Middle of NYC

A seamless RCast ® acrylic tunnel from Reynolds Polymer Technology, Inc. bisects a giant waterfall in an urban oasis behind 1221 Avenue of the Americas. The new acrylic tunnel replaces a worn-out glass tunnel, and does so without the need for metal framework obstructions.

With the help of a crystal clear acrylic tube from Reynolds Polymer Technology, Inc. (RPT), pedestrians can walk through the tunnel that bisects a giant waterfall – and remain dry – to take a shortcut to the next block .

The updated courtyard features a park, a large decorative waterfall, and a seamless acrylic tunnel that lets people cross from 48th to 49th Streets midway through the block. The plaza and passageway were originally built with the building in 1971, but the tunnel at that time was made out of curved metal framing and glass inserts.

Over time, parts of the tunnel began to wear out from use from the constant stream of water running over it, leaks appeared around worn gaskets, and the metal framing had sagged to the point where it was nearly irreparable. That’s when the decision was made to scrap the existing tunnel and put in a new R-Cast acrylic tunnel.

“Building the tunnel out of acrylic offered many advantages over glass,” explained Matt Houlihan, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at RPT. “The flexibility, formability, and structural strength of acrylic allowed us to custom design and fabricate this tunnel to be totally seamless - no need for clunky metal supports to block the view – and it’s nearly 17 times stronger than glass while only half the weight.”

The minimal amount of framework gives the tunnel a sense of being more open and lets visitors really feel as though they’re walking through the waterfall, while the UV stabilized acrylic ensures a crystal clear tunnel for decades ahead. The new tunnel is just over 12 feet wide, six feet tall, and 14 feet long. The acrylic itself was three inches thick for this application.

This urban refuge is a bit of a hidden gem that’s ideal for relaxing, eating lunch, sitting down to talk, or crossing the street via the tunnel. In fact, the charm that this plaza offers with its unique pedestrian tunnel has earned it appearances in several movies throughout the years.

For more information, contact Julie Hober, Reynolds Polymer Technology, Inc., 607 Hollingsworth Street, Grand Junction, CO 81505, 800-433-9293/970-241-4700, Fax: 970.241.4747, E-mail:, Web:

Optically Clear Films and Tapes

Specializing in high performance tapes, films, fabrics, and silicone, CS Hyde utilizes the best in converting machinery to provide the highest quality product in the fastest way possible. When they say fast, they mean it. With same-day shipping on all in-stock materials, you can count on getting your order quick, relieving production slowdowns before they start. You can also count on flexibility, because CS Hyde Company offers no minimums on most orders. Never buy more material than you need again.

They cut to order, with the capability to slit rolls from .25” to 40” wide, and any size in between. Their machinery is computer controlled and automated, ensuring a high tolerance on all orders sent in sheet, roll or die cut parts. Custom cold lamination allows them to add adhesive to a wide variety of high performance materials. Die cut parts available from simple squares, circles and washers to complex shapes.

Whether you demand high dielectric strength, low surface energy, super abrasion resistance, optical clarity, or all of the above, they can supply a solution. Multiple product lines in stock such as Teflon®, Kapton®, Silicone, Mylar®, PVDF, UHMW, FEP and PFA and many more.

For more information, contact Tiffany Hoerle, CS Hyde Company, 1351 N. Milwaukee Ave., Lake Villa, IL 60046, 847-395-0325, Fax: 847-395-0334, E-mail:, Web:

New Sheet Standing Seam Solution

SABIC’s Innovative Plastics business announced its new patent-pending Lexapanel® polycarbonate sheet standing seam technology to give architects and builders exceptional flexibility to create sustainable and beautiful translucent roofing and other glazing elements. Lexapanel sheet was developed in collaboration with AmeriLux International, LLC, an authorized North American distributor of SABIC’s Lexan® Thermoclear® and Thermoclick® sheet products. Compared with other standing seam solutions, the new offering provides customers in North America and Europe with far more glazing options, including choice of width, thickness, coating, color, structure and type of connection. Further, Lexapanel sheet delivers the strength, weatherability, clarity and thermal insulation of SABIC’s renowned Lexan PC multiwall sheet. This joint, high-performance solution demonstrates SABIC’s commitment in developing sustainable solutions that promote energy conservation while providing customer focused day-lighting solutions to improve working and living environments.

For more information, contact Sabic Innovative Plastics, One Plastics Avenue, Pittsfield, MA 01201, 413-448-7110, Web:

Textured Acrylic Sheets

Acrilex, Inc., producers and distributors of high-end custom-colored acrylics, offers the Acriglas® Impressions textured line of acrylic sheets. This series of acrylic sheets is ideal for use in point of purchase displays, store fixtures, furniture, lighting, and in architectural applications where tempered glass would not be a practical material choice.

Acriglas Impressions recreates the look of architecturally patterned glass with the ease of the fabrication and forming found in acrylic. There is no need to be a glazier or to have anything more than basic woodworking tools to work with Acriglas. Impressions are currently available in nine standard textures that can be easily customized to any specified color and in less time than ordering a tempered glass product.

Acriglas Impressions textured acrylic sheets are available in a variety of sizes in addition to the existing patterned glass in 4’ x 6’ sheets, and in thicknesses ranging from 1/8” to 3/4”. All sheets can be custom cut or configured to meet all specifications. Acrilex is a leading producer and distributor of custom-colored acrylics, custom-configured acrylic fixtures and other products. In business to provide solutions to clients,

Acrilex can design it, create it and get it to you faster than anyone else in the industry. Headquartered in Jersey City, NJ, Acrilex offers a complete line of acrylic products and capabilities.

For more information, contact Dan Rustin, Acrilex, Inc., 230 Culver Avenue, Jersey City, NJ 07305, 800-222-4680, Fax: 201-333-1237, E-mail:, Web:

Diamond Edge Polishers

AWED Corp's newest diamond edge polisher has the fastest polishing speed available today. ARIA 2 1600, has a capacity of 62" travel x 4" thick polishing with a transparent and bright finish.

They are now adding the new bevel polishing machine, the Aria2i, with a capacity of from 90° up to 46°bevel by the push of a button. Because they reference the bevel from the table, the bevel is made from the bottom of the piece, rather than from the top, the bevel will always come out uniform. Bevel pieces can be stacked or even different thickness parts can be beveled on the same run. This is not possible with bevel polishers that bevel from the top.

Available with single-phase 220-volt system and 7 adjustable material clamps. The machine is ideal for all kinds of plastics including polycarbonate edge finishing. Both PLC diamond tip cutters and mono crystalline diamond finishing tips are available.

The Aria2i will be available in May.

For more information, contact Victor Miranda, AWED Corp., 1175 Buford Highway, Suite 101, Suwanee, GA 30024, 770-831-9800, Fax: 770-831-7404, E-mail:, Web: or

Multi-Wall Sheet Lessens Heat Build-up

EXTECH, Exterior Technologies, Inc. of Pittsburgh, PA recently designed and installed Macrolux® IR multi-wall sheet, supplied by CO-EX Corporation, into the skylight glazing of the Theresa Banks Aquatic Center. The 16mm thick Macrolux sheet offered high light transmission for great natural lighting along with good thermal insulation values to reduce the cost of heating the center and increase patron comfort. In addition, this glazing incorporated CO-EX Corporation’s new “solar control” additive called IR, this additive reduced the amount of heat coming through the glazing into the aquatic center. The management at the Theresa Banks Center were thrilled with the results, a lightweight, durable glazing that lets the light in but keeps the heat out.

CO-EX Corporation manufactures a full line of polycarbonate sheet including Macrolux multi-wall sheet, Rooflite® corrugated sheet, BDL® standing seam modular panels and Modulit vertical glazing systems. CO-EX products work well in any application where light transmission, impact strength and durability are important.

For more information, contact Kurt Glaser, CO-EX Corporation, 5 Alexander Drive, Wallingford, CT 06492, 800-888-5364, Fax: 203-679-0600, E-mail:, Web:

Match the Adhesive to Your Job

Quick Seal Inc. stocks eight different Weld-On solvent formulas for bonding acrylic to its self. But what size is right for your job? How large is the assembly? Is a 50 ml cartridge the most efficient and easy to manipulate or is the 250 ml cartridge cheaper for your project? Did you know that two 50 ml cartridges are only a few dollars less than a 250 ml cartridge and the 250 ml cartridge is shelf stable for up to one year.

Does your assembly need gap filler? Quick Seal has solutions for bonding irregular surfaces and dissimilar materials .

In order to achieve museum quality joints you need to match the system to the job. Give Quick Seal a call to discuss the best Weld-On products for your project.

For more information, contact Max Plumhoff, Quick Seal Inc., 50671 Tarrington Way, Granger, IN 46530, 574-272-8695, Fax: 574-272-5004, E-mail:, Web:

Hurricane Panels

Weather patterns continue to baffle meteorologists with unseasonable warmth and high ocean temperatures. Many believe this will lead to an extremely active hurricane season in 2012. ClearGuard® Hurricane Panels from Transparent Protection Systems have protected homes and commercial buildings from hurricanes for over a decade.

ClearGuard Hurricane Panels are manufactured to stringent quality control standards from the strongest transparent thermoplastic commercially available—polycarbonate. With a unique combination of lightweight, excellent light transmission and ease of installation,

ClearGuard panels meet or exceed the performance of any directly competitive product in its class. This superior performance is backed by a full ten-year warranty against excessive yellowing or product failure due to manufacturing defect.

ClearGuard Hurricane Panels have been extensively tested and meet all applicable codes, including IBC/IRC, the new Florida Building Code, including HVHZ (High Velocity Hurricane Zone), Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) and the stringent ASTM E330, E1886 & E1996 test criteria. ClearGuard panels are readily available through a nationwide network of Authorized Dealer/Installers both as a turn-key installation or DIY. ClearGuard panels are offered in industry standard lengths, custom cut-to-size pieces or twenty-foot stock lengths.

For more information, contact Charlie French, Transparent Protection Systems, 6643 42nd Terrace North, West Palm Beach, FL 33407, 888-447-8320, Fax: 561-844-2573 E-mail:, Web:

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