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Category: Miscellaneous
Volume: 32
Issue: 1
Article No.: 5159

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SAFETY SOLUTIONS: Safety & Health Program Check-up

Everyday, workplace injuries, illnesses and fatalities cause immeasurable pain and suffering to employees and their families. Recent estimates indicate that workplace injuries and illnesses cost our nationís businesses $170 billion per year in wasteful and often preventable expenses.

Effective Safety and Health Management Systems (SHMS) have proven to be a decisive factor in reducing the extent and severity of work-related injuries and illnesses. SHMS can result in reduced injury-related costs. These savings, when properly administered, can exceed the cost of a workplace SHMS.

Critical Elements of an Effective SHMS

The critical elements of an effective SHMS are:

  • Management commitment and employee involvement
  • Worksite analysis
  • Hazard prevention and control
  • Training for employees, supervisors and managers
Here is a checklist for you to use to evaluate your program:
  • Develop and communicate a safety and health policy to all employees.
  • Demonstrate management commitment by instilling accountability for safety and health, obeying safety rules and reviewing accident reports.
  • Assign responsible person(s) to coordinate safety and health activities.
  • Integrate safety and health into business practices (e.g., purchases, contracts, design and development).
  • Eliminate and control workplace hazards (e.g., engineering controls, workstation design and work practices).
  • Establish a preventive maintenance program.
  • Train your supervisors in the OSHA 30 hour safety program and train your employees in the OSHA 10 hour safety course.
  • Plan for emergencies (e.g., create an evacuation plan, train employees and conduct fire drills).
  • Evaluate all workplace activities and processes for hazards.

OSHA has many publications, including specific topics for small businesses that are available or can be ordered online.

Additional resources of information on safety-related topics and programs:

National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health
Canadian Center for Occupational Health & Safety
National Safety Council
American Society of Safety Engineers

Remember that your accident and injury log must be up-to-date and posted where all employees can see it.

Free checklists and other training programs, are available for download on my website at, click on industry links and it will give you everything you need to improve your program.

Itís a new year so please stay safe. If you would like to see a particular article on safety, health or the environment, E-mail me at and we will write it for you.

For more information, click on the author link at the top of the page.

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