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Category: Machinery
Volume: 28
Issue: 3
Article No.: 4594

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AWFS® Vegas Preview
The Association of Woodworking & Furnishings Suppliers (AWFS®) will host its 50th anniversary in style with their most successful AWFS Fair to date. AWFS Vegas will take place July 18-21, 2007 in the Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada with over 500,000 net square feet of modern show space. At AWFS Vegas, visitors will have the opportunity to view technology that will decrease production costs, while improving profits. For the first time ever, the 2007 AWFS College of Woodworking Knowledge® education program will offer a seminar entitled, “How to Improve Productivity and Edge Quality When Cutting Plastics.” See “Plastics Seminar at AWFS Vegas” in News Briefs.
The following companies will be showing machinery and tooling designed specifically for the plastics industry. For more information on AWFS Vegas, visit

Solid Carbide ‘O’ Flutes

Amana Tool Corp. reveals one of their newest series of plastic cutting router bits - Solid Carbide Spiral ‘O’ Flute Bits for Plastic. These bits are available in both upcut and downcut in many sizes and feature a mirror finish.

The bits are designed to produce super clean, smooth cuts, especially in acrylic materials (Plexiglas®, Lucite®) other plastics and wood. They are manufactured from a special carbide grade using high tolerance grinding along with a unique carbide polishing process. Amana says they have the recipe for bits that will yield super clean cuts in plastics, solid surface, wood and foam board.

Amana Tool also has many saw blades suitable for cutting plastics.

For additional information, contact Michele Spiegel, Amana Tool, 120 Carolyn Blvd., Farmingdale, NY11735, 800-445-0077, Fax: 631-752-1674, E-mail: sales@, Web:
AWFS® Vegas Booth #22053

Benders & Polishing Machines

A.W.E.D. Corp. offers one of the most comprehensive lines of benders available in the U.S. today. Benders feature either wire or quartz elements housed in a patented system that will adjust the aperture of heat exposure to the sheet for the ultimate in bending of sharp or long 90° bends in thin or thicker material. See a preview of the different sizes and types they offer at AWFS® Vegas.

They also offer edge polishers, straight or bevel, in a large selection of models and sizes. In addition, A.W.E.D. carries plastic cutting saw blades featuring a triple-chip grind (TCG) tooth design from 10” to 16” diameter and panel sizing equipment.

For additional information, contact Victor Miranda, A.W.E.D. Corp., 1175 Buford Hwy., Suite 101, Suwanee, GA 30024, 770-831-9800, Fax: 770-831-7404, E-mail:, Web:
AWFS Vegas Booth #7123

3-Axis Router Tables

AXYZ Automation manufactures a full line of computer 3-axis router tables used for routing, drilling, dispensing, stud welding and plasma cutting which interface with all desktop design systems.

The newest member of the AXYZ Series table family is the 5000. With a processing width of 70 inches, it allows customers to work with oversized sheet goods without pre trimming material.

For additional information, contact Bertha Lowe, AXYZ Automation, Inc., 5330 S. Service Rd., Burlington, ON L7L 5L1, Canada, 800-361-3408/905-634-4940, Fax: 905-634-4966, E-mail:, Web: www.
AWFS® Vegas Booth #24095

Panel Processing Equipment

Richard T. Byrnes Co. offers panel processing equipment, with label printing and optimization; boring and inserting machines; solid wood machinery for chairs and furniture, featuring mortisers, tenoners, shaping/ sanding machines and CNC machining centers.

For additional information, contact Richard T. Byrnes Co., Inc., 600 Hannum Avenue, West Chester, PA 19380, 610-692-2770, Fax: 610-696-0330, E-mail: byrnes@, Web:
AWFS® Vegas Booth #13118

CNC Machining Centers

CMS North America, a division of CMS Industries of Zogno (BG) Italy, is a designer/ manufacturer of CNC machining centers for wood, stone, glass, plastics, composites, aluminum, aerospace, marine, molds, doors and staircases.

The CMS ARES will be demonstrated at AWFS® Fair 2007. The machining centers are equipped with a 5-axis, liquid-cooled 8 hp or 16 hp working unit useful for machining chair parts, carving, gunstocks, entry doors, stair volute upeasing combinations, aluminum and plastics and modeling. Work areas from 12’ x 4.5’ x 4’ up to 19.5’ x 7.7’ x 4’ with single or multiple work zones and twin shuttle tables are available. Both OSAI and FANUC numerical controls with PC Office are available. And it provides quick positioning speeds up to 3,150” per minute.

For additional information, contact Joanne Morgan, CMS North America Inc., 4095 Karona Court, Caledonia, MI 49316, 800-225-5267/616-698- 9970, Fax: 616-698-9730, E-mail:, Web: www.
AWFS® Vegas Booth #20095

Fast Cross Cutting Speeds

At 12 cross cuts per minute, Mayer’s new high speed control gives users the fastest cross cutting speeds in the industry while maintaining excellent cut quality.

With over 30 years experience, Mayer has developed design philosophies and principles aimed at producing machines with superior cut quality, accuracy, speed and flexibility for the wood and plastics industries. The PS2 Z120 offers a high output with its 4.7” blade projection (optional 7.8” cutting height) and fast traverse speeds while maintaining the dimensional accuracy and superior cut quality required by the most discriminating customers.

For additional information, contact Gerri Bolton, Delmac Machinery Group, 4322 Piedmont Pkwy., Greensboro, NC 27410, 336-854-1211, Fax: 336- 854-0811, E-mail:, Web: www.
AWFS® Vegas Booth #20015

Optimization Software

EUROSOFT announced the release of a new ARDIS feature that works in combination with a barcode reader (hardware not included). The user scans in the barcode attached to scrap pieces left over from previous jobs. After scanning the barcode, the software searches the database for the scrap piece that matches the barcode and then puts it back into the raw material inventory for the ARDIS Cutting Optimizer. The ARDIS software will then use these scrap pieces first in the next optimization run. The combination of barcode scanning and re-useable scrap detection avoids the common problem that re-useable drop gets used up or damaged but the optimization software still has them in inventory.

For additional information, contact David Talbot, Eurosoft, Inc., 1628 Old Apex Road, Cary, NC 27513, 919-468-3003, Fax: 919-468-6374, E-mail: david, Web:
AWFS® Vegas Booth #2579

Inserts for Plastics

E-Z LOK has introduced a new line of ultrasonic thread inserts designed to provide strong threads in thermoplastic.

The brass inserts are engineered for use in tapered holes and are available in single and double vane designs. Internal thread sizes range from 2-56 to 3/8-16 and 10-32 to 3/8-24. E-Z LOK ultrasonic inserts can be installed with either ultrasonic insertion equipment or a heat driver. The tapered design reduces installation time and improves torque and pull out resistance. In addition, the tapered design applies minimal stress to molded hole walls.

Ideal for plastic components requiring assembly and disassembly, ultrasonic inserts are typically used in computer/ instrument cases, terminal boards, electronics and communications equipment.

For additional information, contact Steve Schaeper, E-Z LOK, 240 E. Rosecrans Avenue, Gardena, CA 90248, 800- 234-5613/310-323-5613, Fax: 310-353-4444, E-mail:, Web:
AWFS® Vegas Booth #2565

Factory New Equipment

CAM-Wood adds the MC 410 Pod & Rail Machining Center to their product line. Offered through FactoryNew. com, the MC 410 includes a 4’ x 10’ processing area, 12-tool automatic tool changer, saw, 16-spindle boring head, horizontal router and MASTERCabinet or MASTERDoor full production software. also expanded their CAMWood line with the FT 409 Flat Table Machining Center. Standard features: full 4’ x 9’ processing area with “bridge” type carriage support, 12-tool automatic tool changer, 16- spindle boring head, and MASTERCabinet and MasterNest software, COMPAQ “Desktop- Pro” Personal Computer.

They offer useful options for the plastics fabrication industry, parts and service from MI & NC, 3-year upgraded warranty program and a low rate, CAM-Wood-sponsored lease program. For additional information, visit or call 800-379-3002.
AWFS® Vegas Booth #5059

CNC Machining Center

Hendrick will introduce the 20ZXGN-ATCT6-NBM CNC Machining Center, featuring a 6 station rotary automatic tool changer mounted on the front of a 12 hp high frequency router spindle for rapid tool change on the fly, 5 x 5 32 mm drill block with independent drill actuation by CNC program and high speed accurate machining capabilities. A new heavy structure design and improved CNC control software yields feed rates up to 2,500 inches per minute and positioning accuracy of +/- 0.002 inches with repetitive accuracy of +/- 0.0008 inches. The moving gantry design utilizes AC servo drives, linear ways and ball screws on all axes for smooth and accurate movement.

Other features include PC controller with built-in CAD/CAM software, vacuum table machined for zoning and pod fixturing, low vacuum pressure safety cut off and air blast tool cooling. The affordably priced machine is available in many different table sizes.

For additional information, contact Richard Cohen, Hendrick/RWH Industries, Inc., 32 Commercial Street, Salem, MA 01970, 978-741-3600, Fax: 978-744-0242, E-mail: rcohen@, Web: www.hendrickmfg .net.
AWFS® Vegas Booth #22101

Miniature Cam Locks

Industrial Lock & Hardware, a world leader in the manufacturing and distribution of quality locks, now stocks Miniature Cam Locks. The locks are zinc dye cast, with a 4 disc tumbler mechanism. Stocked in keyed-alike groups in a bright chrome finish. All locks are sold with 2 keys and are pre-assembled with 90 degree clockwise rotation, key withdraws in both locked and unlocked position only.

The Miniature Cam Locks are perfect for the smaller size displays that require an inconspicuous locking devise. Industrial Security Systems offers a no-minimum order policy with quick turn around time for “Just in Time” deliveries.

For additional information, contact Mark Silver, Industrial Lock & Hardware, P.O. Box 1008, Lancaster, CA 93584-1008, 800-932-9490/661-722-8222, Fax: 661-722-8333, E-mail:, Web:
AWFS® Vegas Booth #153

New HDPE Sheet

King Plastic Corporation is adding a new product to its King StarBoard® line of marine-grade polymer sheets. King StarBoard ST will soon be available for purchase through authorized dealers.

The material is a special, high-density polyethylene sheet that has high gloss and increased scratch-resistance, making it ideal for certain applications. Like the rest of the King StarBoard family, King StarBoard ST is environmentally stabilized and has been developed to withstand the harshest outdoor conditions. It can be used in areas that need to be washed often or are regularly exposed to moisture. High scratch-resistance makes the material especially appropriate for the construction of cabinets and furniture. Also, its high strength and stiffness make it appropriate for applications where less structural support is available.

Like its predecessors, it is easy to fabricate with standard woodworking tools and requires little or no finishing on its durable, glossy-textured surface.

For additional information, contact Lou Stegner, King Plastic Corporation, 1100 N. Toledo Blade Blvd., North Port, FL 34286, 941-493-5502, Fax: 941-497-3274, Email:, Web:
AWFS® Vegas Booth #635

CNC Machining Center

Komo Machine, Inc. will introduce the Fusion 1205TT CNC Machining Center. Through the use of high-performance servos and the latest feedback technology from GE Fanuc, Komo has designed a new CNC machine with you in mind. The Fusion 1205TT CNC Machining Center gives you all the high quality components that you would expect from Komo Machine while also giving you the versatility to decide what you want on your CNC router.
Nested Based Production
Komo will also introduce the Mach Xtreme CNC Machining Center. This model is the workhorse of the Panel Processing System. The machining center can easily be combined with the Komo Automatic Material Handling System that gives you a 25 second cycle time to unload, clean and load new material into your machine. The Mach Xtreme continues the Komo tradition of a high quality, high speed CNC Machining Centers that comes standard with their two year warranty.

CIM-Tech and Komo Machine, Inc.’s innovation in CAD/CAM software technology, Router-CIM 2008 will also be released in July at the AWFS® Fair. Advances made for this version will be sure to increase productivity and allow for ease of understanding that you have come to expect from CIM-Tech. New Windows® based interface, drag-n-drop support and an easy Job Wizard enhance your capabilities.

For additional information, contact Sheldon Prom, Komo Machine, 11 Industrial Blvd., Sauk Rapids, MN 56379, 800-252-0580, Fax: 320-656-2471, E-mail:, Web:
AWFS® Vegas Booth #5322

Roller Hold Down

MultiCam L.P., a leading manufacturer of CNC Router, Laser, Plasma, WaterJet and Knife Cutting Machines introduced an important addition to its popular CNC Router product line. The MultiCam 5104-R-XD Roller Hold Down machine is designed for high speed panel processing and provides optional material load and unload capabilities to assist the operator.

The machine will have its U.S. debut at the AWFS® Fair. The machine features two sets of heavy-duty roller hold down cylinders that provide a rigid material holding system to align and cut multiple sheets of difficult materials. A high-flow vacuum table is also standard for applications requiring vacuum fixturing. Other features include 35mm linear ball bearing rails for maximum rigidity, 16 hp (24,000 rpm) spindle, digital AC servo drives, helical rack and an integrated dust collection system.

Options include a 12-position rotary automatic tool changer, 32 mm drill bank and a scissor lift for automatic loading of the machine.

MultiCam also offers an innovative, heavy-duty, precision cutting system to plastic and acrylic fabricators. Their 3000 Series CNC Router is loaded with standard features and is specially suited for machining plastic. The rigid, all-steel, plate frame construction combined with an automatic tool changer and 5.5 hp, 32,000 rpm spindle all allow for an incredible edge finish when machining plastic. The 3000 series router also comes in a wide variety of sizes and features a space-saving, moving- gantry design. In addition, MultiCam has vacuum fixturing options specifically tailored to the plastics industry.

For additional information, contact Kathryn Estes, MultiCam LP, 1025 West Royal Lane, DFW Airport, TX 75261, 972-929-4070, Fax: 972-929-4071, E-mail:, Web:
AWFS® Vegas Booth #5336

High Speed CNC

Omnitech Systems will introduce its High Speed CNC Router Line at the AWFS® Fair. The SELEXX/PAL 5’ x 10’ table router will offer with rapid travel speeds upwards of 260 feet/minute (80 meters/minute). In addition, Omnitech will introduce its latest model SELEXX/ECO. With a 4’ x 8’ table size, front end PC controller, 6-spindle vertical drill head and 10 hp router spindle and the company’s proven and very reliable 8 position Automatic Tool Changer, the ECO is priced at $59,900.

For additional information, contact Raymond Ward, Omnitech Systems Inc., 8100-A Arrowridge Blvd., Charlotte, NC 28273, 704-529-8369, Fax: 704-529- 8374, E-mail:, Web: www.
AWFS® Vegas Booth #22071

High Precision Machining Products

C.R. Onsrud, Inc. offers a comprehensive line of highprecision machining products including 33 standard models of 3-, 4-, and 5-axis CNC Routers, four models of Inverted Pin Routers, as well as a complete line of tooling and accessories. CNC Routers are offered in Cast-Iron Fixed Bridge, Twin Table, Single Table and Steel Frame Moving Gantry designs. Most C.R. Onsrud CNC Routers include 12-position tool changers, high grade “off-theshelf” standard components, 24/7 tech-support and all can be customized via a full menu of standard options including: multi-spindle drills, aggregate stations, rotational C-axis, 5-axis and multispindle configurations.

C.R. Onsrud has invested in superior service capabilities, high-tech training facilities and an extensive Applications Engineering department to further reinforce their pledge to provide the industry with the best products, service and customer support.

For additional information, contact C.R. Onsrud Inc., P.O. Box 419, Troutman, NC 28166, 800-638-8185/704-528-4528, Fax: 704-528-6170, Web:
AWFS® Vegas Booth #16058

Tuff Core Tooling

Onsrud Cutter LP, a leading supplier of CNC router tooling, announced the introduction of the Tuff Core Compression. This unique 3/8” diameter tool utilizes a dual-grade carbide that incorporates a tough inner core for added strength and a wear resistant outer shell for longer life in abrasive materials.

The “Tuff Core” allows feed rates to be increased up to 155% over conventional 3/8” diameter compressions. Higher yields are also possible as standard 1/2” compression tools can be replaced with the stronger 3/8” Tuff Core tool.

Onsrud Cutter is a cutting tool manufacturer whose mission is to serve the industrial woodworking, plastic and non-ferrous metal markets with tooling and technology that sets it apart from the competition and builds on the legacy of innovation and performance.

For additional information, contact Diane Sullivan, Onsrud Cutter LP, 800 Liberty Drive, Libertyville, IL 60048, 800-234-1560/847-362-1560, Fax: 847-362- 5028, E-mail:, Web: www.onsrud .com or
AWFS® Vegas Booth #5244

Cross Cut Saws

Original Saw Company manufactures a line of entry level horizontal panel cross cut saws. The cross cut capabilities range from a 55” to a 64” crosscut.

The machines are available with 16” or 20” blade capacities and 5 hp or 7.5 hp 3-phase motors.

The beam saw features include: bevel cutting capabilities, heavy welded ‘U’ channel frame construction, machined structural box tubing beam, replaceable hardened and ground steel tracks, cast yoke assemblies and utilizes their time-tested, smooth running motors. The machines are capable of cutting wood, plastic, composites as well as, both ferrous and non-ferrous metals with the proper blades and table assemblies. The machines come standard with a manual crank carriage and an MDF table top.

They are available with an optional semi-automatic drive for the carriage and various table assemblies for wood, plastic or metal applications.

For additional information, contact Allen Eden, Original Saw Company, 465 3rd Avenue SE, Britt, IA 50423, 800- 733-4063/641-843-3868, Fax: 641-843-3869, E-mail:, Web: www.originalsaw. com.
AWFS® Vegas Booth #13149

Round-Over Cutter

Safranek Enterprises, Inc. will introduce the newest addition to the Her-Saf Insert Tooling line, the Round- Over Insert Quick Change cutter with bearing, available in 1/8”, 3/16” and 1/4” radius.

Safranek Enterprises is constantly expending the Her-Saf Insert Tooling line, building custom tooling upon request. Safranek Enterprises, Inc., which began as a commercial cabinet and millwork shop in 1954, has been manufacturing Her-Saf Panel Routers and related equipment for over 45 years. Products include easy-to-use panel routers, air-vac-clamps, keyholing machines, carbide insert tooling, screw-on tooling and shelf dappers that increase accuracy and precision while reducing production time.

For additional information, contact Linda Wyant, Safranek Enterprises Inc., 4005 El Camino Real, Atascadero CA 93422, 800-553-9344, E-mail:, Web:
AWFS® Vegas Booth #23002

Personal Robotic Systems

ShopBot’s Personal Robotic Systems (PRS) are CNC routers designed for robust, industrial production in a host of manufacturing settings. ShopBots are designed for manufacturing 2D and 3D wood, acrylic or non-ferrous metal products. The ShopBot PRSalpha features technologically advanced, closed-loop motors that combine the best features of servos and steppers. With rapid transit speeds of up to 1,500 inches per minute and cutting speeds up to 600 inches per minute, the PRSalpha is the fastest CNC production tool available for under $50,000.

All ShopBots come with PartWizard and MillWizard CAD CAM software for easy 2D and 3D part design and toolpathing and a Windows® based, full-feature control software for advanced CNC productivity. ShopBots are compatible with most CAD CAM design software packages.

For additional information, contact Dave Minella, ShopBot Tools, 3333-B Industrial Drive, Durham, NC 27704, 888-680-4466/919-680-4800, Fax: 919-680- 4900, E-mail:, Web:
AWFS® Vegas Booth #5030

New Panel Saw for Plastics

Schelling announced their new entry-level FXK panel saw specifically designed for plastic distributors and fabricators. Schelling’s “Precision Saw” division has a long tradition of developing the very best panel saws available for cutting plastics, non-ferrous metals and printed circuit boards. The FXK is a proud part of this division and is equipped with all of Schelling’s latest developments to produce superior cut quality, accuracy and productivity.

The machine is equipped with 3.75 inches of saw blade projection and a 20 hp main saw motor. Also included are specific features for grooving, cutting small parts and for cutting thin materials without the use of protection boards.

For additional information, contact Stephen Bailey, Schelling America, Inc., P.O. Box 80367, Raleigh, NC 27623, 919-544-0430, Fax: 919-544-0920, E-mail:, Web:
AWFS® Vegas Booth #20037

Saws & Routers

Designed specifically for plastic distributors and fabricators, SCM Group’s PLM panel saws provide superior cutting quality while reducing material waste and improving yield at an affordable price. Stop by booth #10006 to visit them and see a live demonstration of their PLM saws cutting plastics. The Galaxy 125 (4.5” cutting capacity) and Sigma 105 PLM (3.5” cutting capacity) will be available for demonstration.

The PLM family of plastic cutting saws includes 4 models designed to meet your cutting requirements at the best price/performance in the industry.

Value added features include high speed carriage movement with optimized operation for fast cycle times; a worktable designed to cut thin materials; RPM control on independent main motor for best edge results; main blade cooling; 48” wide rear phenolic crosscut table for effectively cutting thin strips and small parts and a pusher with clamps for quick, accurate loading and cutting.

Equipped with an IBM personal computer with Cutty Sheet Optimization Software, The SIGMA also includes a network connection available for on-line technical support and many other advanced technology capabilities. The Impact 105 PLM is available in 10.5’, 12.5’ or 14.5’ cutting lengths.

New CNC Routers for Plastics

SCM GROUP will also introduce the new Bridge 5 CNC Router for machining all types of plastic materials. The Bridge 5 brings flexible CNC machining capability to an entry-level machine without making compromises. The machine features a 5’ x 12’ work area, powerful 10 hp HSK 63 router motor and an eight-position rapid onboard tool changer. The flexible aluminum grid vacuum table provides effective hold down for small parts. The router has a user-friendly interface operated by a Windows® XP platform and a standard office PC and is supplied with CAD/CAM software compatible with all major design software packages. Visit booth #10006 to see live demonstrations and learn more about their new Bridge 5 CNC Router.

Also on display at SCM Group will be the Routech R210 CNC Router (Booth 10006) and the Morbidelli A636 CNC Machining Center (Booth 10028). Both of these CNC Routers offer a 5’x 12’ work area, powerful 15 hp spindles and twin work zones for either nesting or pendulum manufacturing.

For additional information, contact Phil Bryant, SCM Group USA, 2475 Satellite Blvd., Duluth, GA 30096, 770-813-8818, Fax: 770-813-8819, E-mail:, Web:
AWFS® Vegas Booth #10006, 10028

CNC Router Line

The developer of the world’s first NC router in 1968, SHODA brings its high-tech engineering and R&D to the U.S. with its latest line of 3-axis and 5-axis CNC routers. SHODA routers are capable of accurately and rapidly cutting complex 2-D and 3-D shapes from materials ranging from plastics and wood to non-ferrous metals and composites. Proven reliable, the performance of SHODA CNC routers has resulted in over 8,000 installations worldwide.

For additional information, contact Tak Yamamoto, SB Machine Tools, 1300 Remington Road, Unit K, Schaumburg, IL 60173, 847-882-9600, Fax: 847-882-9800, E-mail:, Web: www.sbmachinetools. com.
AWFS® Vegas Booth # 16175

Personal Robotic Systems

ShopBot’s Personal Robotic Systems (PRS) are CNC routers designed for robust, industrial production in a host of manufacturing settings. ShopBots are designed for manufacturing 2D and 3D wood, acrylic or non-ferrous metal products. The ShopBot PRSalpha features technologically advanced, closed-loop motors that combine the best features of servos and steppers. With rapid transit speeds of up to 1,500 inches per minute and cutting speeds up to 600 inches per minute, the PRSalpha is the fastest CNC production tool available for under $50,000.

All ShopBots come with PartWizard and MillWizard CAD CAM software for easy 2D and 3D part design and toolpathing and a Windows® based, full-feature control software for advanced CNC productivity. ShopBots are compatible with most CAD CAM design software packages.

For additional information, contact Dave Minella, ShopBot Tools, 3333-B Industrial Drive, Durham, NC 27704, 888-680-4466/919-680-4800, Fax: 919-680- 4900, E-mail:, Web: www.
AWFS® Vegas Booth #5030

Production Solutions

Stiles Machinery Inc. provides industry-leading plastics processing machinery and software to successfully optimize material and maximize production capabilities. The Heian CNC FP-151 5-axis CNC router is specifically designed for machining and trimming a wide variety of plastics and composite materials and features a 4.5 kW variable speed motor positioned on a fixed, overhead bridge, to ensure accuracy.

Holzma panel saws are designed exclusively for plastic and composite cutting. The HPP 380P features a variable speed main saw motor that enables selection of the best blade rim speed and cutting speed for each material. Consistent performance is ensured by an integral cooling system that extends blade life, eliminates edge melt and improves cut quality. Cadmatic 4.0 control optimizes system operation.

Weeke engineers and builds world-class CNC machining centers for a wide variety of plastic and composite fabrication applications; flat stock to formed shapes, acrylic to G10. The BHP 200P is equipped with a powerful high-speed motor and 8-position automatic tool changer. The PC-based operator interface features Windows® XP Professional with standard parametric programming software to handle individual part programs or full sheets of nested material.

Belotti’s wide range of CNC machining centers are designed to meet the ever-changing demands of the industry. These 5-axis CNC routers and water jet cutting systems cut, shape, drill and trim complex shapes while delivering the highest performance with speed and precision.

But cutting plastics is only the beginning. Stiles products are supported by Total Production SolutionsSM including advanced equipment integration, experienced manufacturing consulting and superior service and support.

For additional information, contact Steve Waltman, Stiles Machinery, Inc., 3965 44th Street, SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49512, 616-698-7500, Fax: 616-698-9411, E-mail:, Web: www.
AWFS® Vegas Booth #16036, 16014, 16006, 14036, 14014 & 14002

CNC Router Line

For over 20 years and with thousand of machines worldwide, Techno CNC Routers have helped companies turn a small investment into a big return. Whether you’re cutting large sheets for nested based manufacturing or small intricate designs, Techno has the affordable router to meet your production and budgetary requirements. Quality components such as, closed-loop servomotors, ball screws, THK rails come standard on Techno CNC Systems. Complete jobs faster, with greater accuracy using a Techno CNC Router.

For additional information, contact Roy Valentine, Techno CNC Router Systems, P.O. Box 5416, New Hyde Park, NY 11042, 800-819-3366/516-328-3970, Fax: 516-358-2576, E-mail:, Web:
AWFS® Vegas Booth #24039

High Quality Plastics Machining Thermwood’s Model 45 CNC routers now include new CNC control technology that provides ultra high quality cuts on plastics. Included, as part of this new technology, is a specialized motion engine within the control for generating output for high quality machining. In addition, the Model 45’s control system is equipped with built-in CAM, post and part nesting capabilities. It can import and run layered DXF files from any CAD or design program. These files can be nested automatically by the control to provide optimum part yield within a sheet of material. Part labels and sheet layouts are also provided by the control for part identification.

For additional information, contact Cliff Crawford, Thermwood Corporation, P.O. Box 436, Dale, IN 47523, 800-533-6901/812-937-4476, Fax: 812-937-2956, E-mail:, Web: www.thermwood .com.
AWFS® Vegas Booth #14072, 2238

CNC Start-Up Package

If you’ve recently purchased or plan to purchase a CNC router, Vortex Tool Company can provide a comprehensive tool package for new and used machine start-ups. The Vortex Tool Start-Up Package includes everything from router and boring bits to changing stands, collets and tool holders. The Vortex staff will consult with you to determine your router applications and select a specific set of tools and accessories to get your machine operating efficiently. Most items are in stock for immediate shipping.

Vortex Tool Company, Inc. designs and manufactures high-performance router and insert cutting tools for the woodworking and plastics industries. The company produces tools with cutting edges in various grades of carbide, stellite, high-speed steel and polycrystalline diamond and provides custom tool design, retipping and sharpening services.

For additional information, contact Mike Serwa, Vortex Tool Company, Inc., 5605 Jelinek Avenue, Schofield, WI 54476, 800-355-7708, Fax: 715-355-7353, Web:
AWFS® Vegas Booth #5008

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