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Category: Material
Volume: 27
Issue: 5
Article No.: 4498

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Ceramic-filled PEEK™

The Semiconductor industry’s demand for smaller, tight tolerance IC packages that operate at higher frequencies is making it increasingly difficult for traditional materials previously used for test socket applications. New, high performance test socket components made from a ceramic-filled VICTREX ® PEEK™ polymer are available from Piper Plastics Inc., a precision machined plastics parts manufacturer. This new Piper Plastics product, designated EPM-2204U-W, provides a competitive advantage in key microprocessor test socket applications due to its significantly lower moisture absorption and tight tolerance machining.

Test sockets are used in the final stage of the semiconductor manufacturing process where the microprocessor chips are plugged into a circuit board for various system function tests. According to Dave Wilkinson, Materials Engineering Manager at Piper Plastics, “Because these chips have hundreds of metal contacts inserted into a single socket over 100,000 times, dimensional stability is critical in making sure the metal contactors are aligned correctly.”

Ceramic-filled VICTREX PEEK polymers maintain impact strength, stiffness and have minimum levels of creep. The material offers greater hydrolytic stability and lower weight than other materials traditionally used for this application.

For more information, contact Dave Wiggins, Victrex USA Inc., 3A Caledon Court, Greenville, SC 29615, 800-VICTREX/215-412-8287, Fax: 864-672-7328, E-mail:, Web: For more information on Piper Plastics, contact Dave Wilkinson at

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