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Category: News
Volume: 22
Issue: 3
Article No.: 3218

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Poly Hi Solidur Announces Business Consolidation

As part of its ongoing effort to achieve effectiveness and efficiency, Poly Hi Solidur announced that it would consolidate operations of its two detailed fabrication groups, and combine the two general plastics distribution inside sales groups.

Currently, Poly Hi Solidur has detailed fabrication operations in Delmont, Pa., and Fort Wayne, Ind. According to Harold Epps, Vice President/General Manager – Poly Hi Solidur Americas, the fabrication operations in Delmont will be moved to Fort Wayne, with transition planning beginning immediately.

"By transitioning this part of our business to one location, we are effectively eliminating a high degree of duplication and utilizing our facilities in a more efficient and cost-effective manner," Epps said. "The result of removing these costs from our system is that we become a more competitive player, allowing us to better serve our customers."

"As of right now, the Delmont plant will continue in its role as a sheet producer," he said, "There are also no plans currently to move any of the pressing equipment or pressing support services (planing, skiving, welding, cut-to-size), although we will continue to evaluate those, as well as all other operations for efficiency and effectiveness."

Poly Hi Solidur’s other manufacturing facility in Scranton, Pa., will house the consolidated general plastics distribution inside sales group, eliminating that part of Poly Hi Solidur’s business at the Delmont facility. The transition is scheduled to be completed by the end of this year.

"For exactly the same reasons we consolidated the detailed fabrication groups, we consolidated the sales group," Epps said. "These actions are additional steps in our strategy to position Poly Hi Solidur for business growth as we continue to refocus our resources to better serve customers and optimize opportunities for Poly Hi Solidur."

For more information, contact Stephanie Kerr, Poly Hi Solidur, Inc., 2710 American Way, Fort Wayne, IN 46809, 219-479-4226, Fax: 219-478-1074 E-mail:, Web:

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