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20 Years of Innovation

It began 20 years ago with the advent of the Acryl-Hinge™. For years, plastic fabricators had to rely on hardware developed for other industries. This hardware was usually metal, which required drilling holes and attaching nuts and bolts or using rivets. The holes cracked the plastic, increased rejects and required extra labor.

In 1984, Robert Krolick, CEO and founder of Westedge, Inc., designed and manufactured the first injection-molded hinge which launched an industry. Now plastic fabricators can choose from a wide range of acrylic hardware including pulls, handles, hooks, hasps, latches and other hardware. This hardware, which is easy to attach using ordinary solvent cements, saves labor costs.

The Acryl-Hinge 2™, featuring a self-lubricating pin and over 15 years of field tested durability, has an unparalleled performance record. The Acryl-Hinge 2 is injectionmolded from 100% virgin DR 101 acrylic resin. Longer cycle times in molding produce a hinge that is flat and solvent cements easily every time.

Often imitated, never duplicated, the entire line of Acryl products are now manufactured exclusively by FTM, Inc.

For more information, contact David Geer, FTM, Inc., 6160 Cobblestone Road, Placerville, CA. 95667, 530-626-1986, Fax: 530-642-2602, E-mail: info@, Web:

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