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Category: Machinery
Volume: 39
Issue: 5
Article No.: 5654

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Maximum Workholding Flexibility, an industry leader in airflow design and innovation, now offers three distinct types of vacuum table surface: perforated, grid-style, and their state-of-the-art, ultra-versatile hybrid vacuum table system. The hybrid design, which incorporates both perforated and grid-style surfaces in a single unit, is exclusive to

Vacuum workholding systems are used to improve countless industrial operations from metal processing and woodworking to aerospace engineering and scientific research. Vacuum holddown is reliable and stable, simplifying and standardizing production procedures, thereby saving users time and money.

Often integrated with CNC machinery for milling, cutting, routing, and drilling of wood, metal, or plastics, vacuum workholding technology is also used in laser cutting, surface grinding, measuring, plotting, and the application of coatings and adhesives.

Aerospace developers and research laboratories increasingly utilize vacuum technology to conduct precise processing of alloys, composites, and synthetic materials. Leading museums and educational institutions use vacuum tables and vacuum table systems for fine art restoration, digital archiving, and rostrum camera applications.

Vacuum table systems are suitable for processing a wide range of materials including sensitive and delicate substrates such as fabrics, glass, and high-grade composites. Clamp-free holddown of workpieces limits damage and reduces production wastage.

Manufactured to meet the exacting needs of modern industry, precision-engineered vacuum tables from adhere to or exceed OEM standards for smoothness, flatness, and durability. Whether you choose a standard perforated or grid-style surface or one of their adaptable new hybrid systems, vacuum workholding technology will revolutionize your industrial processes, improving quality and reducing costs.

For more information, contact Mike Green or Bryan Green,, a specialized division of Graphic Parts International, Inc., 4321 N. Knox Ave., Chicago, IL 60641, 773-725-4900, E-mail:, Web:

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