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Category: Material
Volume: 21
Issue: 5
Article No.: 2998

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PCO. has introduced a new product line of polyurethane pipe and fittings. Polyurethane pipe has been produced for many years in an extruded thermoplastic form, however the production of thermoset polyurethane has been limited.

Polyurethane is very durable with a wide range of properties allowing its use in many applications. If abrasion and wear are a problem, whether metal or plastic, polyurethane can probably be used.

Armadillo Pipe comes in 10 foot lengths and in sizes of 2.5, 3, 4, 6, and 8 inches. All pipe is produced in accordance with schedule 80 pipe dimensions. Fittings are also available, including elbows, couplings, flanges, etc.

The elbow is where most of the wear takes place and replacement costs are high. Their elbow design guarantees longer wear, longer run times, and less maintenance expense.

Assembly of Armadillo Pipe is fast and easy due to the lightweight of polyurethane saving you labor hours. All pipe and fittings can be assembled with a urethane adhesive or other suitable means.

PCO. is a premium PTMEG poly urethane in a 90A hardness and they can produce custom parts for your application, whether a different hardness, color, or specific property.

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