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PTFE Tapes And Fibers
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PTFE Tapes And Fibers
Plastomer Technologies, a specialist in processing PTFE (polytetrafluo-roethylene) into a variety of formats for a wide range of applications, has announced the branding of its line of PTFE tapes, fibers and lube powders under the PLASTOLON™ brand name.

Plastomer has more than three decades of experience in producing PTFE and filled PTFE products that are used throughout many industries for their thermal, dielectric and chemical resistance properties, resistance to ultra-violet exposure and low co-efficient of friction.

“By unifying these products under the PLASTOLON banner, it will be easier for us to communicate the common benefits of our products and our production technologies across a wider audience,” says Ken Walker, Vice President and General Manager. “With one common brand name, we will be able to leverage our experience in customized solutions for PTFE films, tapes and fibers as they apply to all relevant markets.”

PLASTOLON Fibers provide beneficial performance properties in uses ranging from industrial woven fabrics to sewing thread to self-lubricating bearings and specialty applications. In awning and marine applications, their UV-resistant properties maintain seam strength even in harsh sun-baked environments. The chemically inert properties of PLASTOLON Fibers give them the durability to withstand caustic compounds in wet and dry filtration applications. “Our ability to customize the chemical inertness, high-temperature resistance, lubricity and denier of PLASTOLON Fibers allows us to satisfy the special industrial applications of our customers,” Walker adds.

For more information, contact John W. McDermott, Plastomer Technologies, 23 Friends Lane, Newtown, PA 18940, 800-618-4670 / 215-579-6037, Fax: 215-968- 7640, E-mail: .

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