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Router Increases Plex-Appeal's Speed & Quality
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Router Increases Plex-Appeal's Speed & Quality

Since buying a MultiCam® 3000 Series Router, Plex-Appeal Inc. of Irving, Texas, has broadened its custom acrylic fabrication abilities. Part owner Terry Bodeker started the business in 1997 and bought his router in 2005 to do high-quality specialty work. It’s run nine hours a day ever since and has allowed him to cut more shapes faster.

“With our MultiCam Router, we can produce unlimited designs,” Bodeker said. “It replaced a little pin router and is always booked. Parts come off the machine in one setup and one pass. The best thing I ever did was buy a MultiCam. It’s very easy to use and does the work of four people.”

Creating slotted panels was virtually impossible until Bodeker bought his router. The versatile CNC platform has brought in a wider variety of work.

“Now we can cut slots, ovals, circles, curves and Ts,” Bodeker said. “Our MultiCam Router cuts a half moon in just one step when it used to take multiple passes. The machine paid for itself by eliminating a lot of handmade templates. It’s made a huge difference by saving time and improving our quality.”

Bodeker had never used CAD software before, but he picked up the user-friendly EnRoute programming software immediately. He appreciates how easily it edits the tool path. Cutting an acrylic circle used to take half an hour from start to finish. Now he can create a program, fixture the acrylic blank and cut it on his router in under 10 minutes. This dramatic decrease in job time has more than tripled Plex-Appeal’s productivity.

“Our MultiCam Router is a great machine,” Bodeker stated. “The price was fair, everything we needed was included, and MultiCam Tech Support is very good about calling back to coach us. This machine has a lot of stamina in heat. It’s taken a beating in summer, but it keeps on rocking.”

Plex-Appeal uses the router for every application. It’s cut 10,000 pieces to make museum cases with polished edges. The router has been the ideal machine to make everything from kids’ shoe panel displays for JC Penney to knife cases for Love’s Travel Stops and Country Stores. Plex-Appeal also routes holes in raw materials for construction sites.

”With our MultiCam Router, we can take any piece of plastic and turn it into anything a customer can imagine,” Bodeker said.

For more information on Plex-Appeal, Inc., contact Terry Bodeker at 866-528-9024, Fax: 972-554-0527,, Web: For more information on MultiCam, contact John Harris at 972-929-4070, Fax: 972-929-4071, E-mail:, Web:

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